About this book

This book showcases the science, local knowledge and spectacular imagery of the Keppel Islands region of the southern Great Barrier Reef.

References are provided for published scientific research about the Keppel reefs, with links to online publications.  


Whether you’re a diver, a snorkeller, a sailor or a scholar, you’ll find relevant, useful and fascinating information on: 

  • how the 19 Keppel islands and their coral reefs were formed
  • how flooding from the mighty Fitzroy River shapes the Keppel reefs
  • how the Keppel reefs have bounced back after being bleached
  • the best snorkelling and dive spots in the Keppel Islands
  • how to get there safely
  • what you might see
  • where to stay
  • scientific data
  • monitoring reports.


Dr Alison Jones

Dr Alison Jones is a research scientist focusing on coral reefs in the Keppel Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Alison Jones. © Cat Jones.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams was the inspiration for Dr Jones’ diving and scientific careers. Pete lives on Great Keppel Island.

Peter Williams. © Ray Berkelmans.

Dr Ray Berkelmans

Dr Ray Berkelmans was Dr Jones’ academic mentor and driving force behind the research. Dr Berkelmans has now retired from the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Dr Ray Berkelmans. © Damian Thompson.