Thanks to….

I could not have had a career in science, tourism or diving without the help of countless people.  Some were paid but many were volunteers. Below I name but a few.

Thank you,

Dr Ali Jones

My dive buddy, fellow instructor and published author, Scotty Gardner (now at AIMS). © Alison Jones.

My mate John Dooley surveys bleached colonies at Miall Island in 2006. © Alison Jones.

Carl Svensen and me. © Cat Jones.

My first ‘fieldie’, Deanna Gardner. © Alison Jones.

Damian Thompson, AIMS. © Alison Jones.

Many thanks to the following businesses for assistance with the website, and encouragement and promotion.

Tom Williams, brilliant website designer who turned my ideas and scribbles into reality.

Mary O’Callaghan, science writer/editor of Mdash Editorial, who rewrote my science into simple and beautiful language.