Barren Island

Barren Island


Depth 8 metres

Barren Island is the most easterly of the Keppel Islands. Visibility is usually very high because, being the furthest island from the coast, Barren has relatively clear, nutrient-free water.

Barren has about 33 coral speciesWith plenty of light, depth and clean water, the conditions are ideal for branching corals.

Deep, healthy beds of brown Acropora with white tips surround Barren Island. The beds are so wide that it’s hard to anchor close to the reef without damaging coral, so public moorings and reef protection markers [PDF] have been installed on the north-western side.

Acropora at Barren Island. © R. Berkelmans.

100% coral cover at Barren Island, 2008. © R. Berkelmans.