Humpy Island

Humpy Island

Humpy Island is a national park to the south of Great Keppel Island.

There are several distinct dive locations around Humpy.

Hydnophora excesa, Humpy South. © Alison Jones.

Cathedral Rock


Depth 12 metres

Cathedral Rock is so named for its towering rock formation on the north-eastern point of the island. The dive starts in a deep rocky bay and leads you through a tapestry of corals and rocky crevices. There’s even a cave.

This site makes a great night dive because nocturnal wobbegongs, sharks and rays hide in the rocky formations on the point.

Favia stellegrata, Humpy South. © Ray Berkelmans.

Graffiti Bay


Depth 12 metres

The wide, open, rock-lined bay on the south of Humpy Island makes a great drift dive.

Divers need to be wary of a split in the currents about halfway along the dive and of being swept out to the west once they reach the point.

The rock wall looks like it has been graffitied, hence the name.

Favia laxa, Humpy South. © Alison Jones.

Humpy South


Depth 12 metres

Humpy South is a deep bay that makes a great dive.

This site has the highest coral diversity and the most coral species of the Keppel region.

Access is best during northerly winds.

Anchor in the mid-eastern part of the bay but watch out for the coral; look for a sand patch. 

Acropora cerealis Keppel Bay. © Ray Berkelmans.