Man and Wife Rocks

Man and Wife Rocks


Depth 8 metres

Man and Wife Rocks is one of my favourite dive sites. It suits a drift dive because the current screams through between the two sets of rocks as the tide flows in or out.

Inexperienced divers can end up surfacing far from the rock. However, it is possible to anchor in deep water away from the rock.

Man Rock is the most popular and interesting dive because the west-facing side of the rock is a steep wall that bottoms out at about 12 metres. The wall is covered in filter-feeding sea fans and whips, and feather stars.

Start your dive on the north-western tip of Man Rock and make your way slowly up the wall towards Wife Rock. Then double back (before over-shooting the end of Man Rock) and surface about midway along Man Rock face for a pickup. The current will be stronger at the surface and in the channel. If you’re drift diving, surface on the eastern side of Man Rock.

For an alternative dive, enter the water on the north-western side of Wife Rock and drift slowly (or fast, depending on the tide) south along a wide reef slope of mixed Acroporas. There are about 30 coral species here with relatively high coral cover.

There is a public mooring at Man and Wife.

Acropora plate, Man and Wife Rocks. © R. Berkelmans.

Amphiprion melanopus with Entacmaea quadricolour next to Favia, Goniopora and soft corals (Man and Wife Rocks). © Ray Berkelmans.