Miall Island

Miall Island


Depth 8 metres

The northern side of Miall Island is one of my favourite dive sitesAnchor in the deep bay and start the dive at 8–12 metres, tracking east.

You will encounter fingers of rock running out from the island, which you can explore safely as you make your way towards the eastern tip where there is plenty of fish life. A tank of air may even allow you to go around the point before returning back to the shallow coral in the bay and then surfacing.

The southern side of Miall Island has an expansive reef flat which was decimated by the 2011 flood and is now [2019] mostly rubble with juvenile corals starting to appear. It’s a great snorkelling site when Acropora millepora is returning to the reef flat.  

Acropora formosa on the reef slope, Miall Island. © Alison Jones.

Turbinaria bifrons, Miall Island slope, 2010 (Photo: © Alison Jones)